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Rip City Giddy

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Still seems a bit surreal.

Terry Stotts coach of the month. LaMarcus Aldridge twice player of the week. Damian Lillard giving any sophomore jinx the stink eye. And so much more.

18-4,  Having hung a loss on each of the other three teams in the current “elite” won-loss tier.

No.1 in this weeks NBA Power Rankings for goodness sake.

Gosh. Golly. Giddy as a school boy.

It doesn’t matter whether the Trail Blazers have been deemed “real”  by a sufficient amount of pundits. What’s real now is a Portland brand of basketball (It’s the team, stupid) executed by players that are coming together fast; with obvious enthusiasm and verve.

There is a certain hum about Rip City when we know we are again in the hunt… A vibrating Deja Vu of past days spent Red Hot and Rolling.

Ready for the Rockets.