Lisa Lepine

Lisa Lepine was many things to many people. Her influence as manifested in the motto Dream, Do, Dazzle, continues to motivate hundreds if not thousands to find their authentic gifts and share them if so inspired.

She was first my Hero as I became enamoured and familiar with the extraordinary and diverse music communities in Portland. She was everywhere it seemed. The best shows and festivals had her fingerprints all over them.

Then after I had screwed up the courage to introduce myself – Lisa became my friend, supporter, and consultant. My online music outreach project SupPortland, a hobby-passion, really took off with her backing. I often played Sherpa as we made her rounds and hopped from show to show. Ecstasy for an older wannabe music insider like me. Heady times.

Then we were lovers. And it was clear to us, our friends, our family, and anyone with any sensibilities worth a damn – that we were beloved soulmates and it was a very good thing.

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