Lisa Lepine Legacy

On Nov. 13 2016 – Come feel the heart of Portland beat – Celebrate the Legacy of Lisa Lepine and be enriched as the community Dreams, Does, and Dazzles.

Dream. Do. Dazzle – A Celebration of Lisa Lepine at the Crystal


“Many blessings to all of you – who have your own paths of challenge both energetically and physically every day.” Lisa Lepine

Lisa Lepine Musicians Relief Fund


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Oregon Music News

Lisa Lepine, mentor, manager, publicist, pro-motion queen, friend…dead at 58


Willamette Week

R.I.P. Lisa Lepine, Portland Promoter and Music Consultant


The Southeast Examiner

Portland’s PROmotion Queen Lisa Lepine



Facebook Posts and Testimonials

Ed and the Boats/Rainworms -…She loved music, and she loved to dance. The fresh wonder she brought to the concept of the making and selling of music was revelatory…Through sheer willpower she elbowed her way through the cynicism and remained optimistic as she learned and became more effective…Lisa never lost her optimism. She kept at it and became the ProMotion Queen of Dream Do Dazzle that so many came to know and love.

Susannah Weaver - Lisa Lepine called me for a gig opening up for Roger McGuinn……… especially touching since I was not on her roster of bands/musicians……… The last few times I saw her she proclaimed that I “brought the community together. That’s your THING!”. That made me feel even better. I’m buying my ticket for this right now. Love to the many people who were so incredibly affected by Lisa Lepine.

Chris Robley -  ……I figured I’d use the blog I manage for CD Baby as a venue to show my appreciation for Lisa….(10 music marketing lessons I learned from Lisa Lepine)

Garett Brennan - ….Lisa was such a wonderful, loving, talented soul that helped shape so much of my musical world and connection to this town at a young guy….

Mo Lepine - ….Lisa certainly was an amazing promoter, however I also believe that she held her own as an artist in her own right. I am fortunate to have a collection of her work. ……..

Lisa James Bennett - …I was inspired by these amazing teachers. They told me to dream. They told me it was possible. Today I’m living the dream…

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