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Opening Night, and something is brewing in Portland

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

As a “charter member” Blazer fan (Geoff Who? anyone), I am stoked to get this season rolling- ‘cuz something is brewing in Portland. We feel it. We know it.

We felt it when Rolland Todd’s motion offense made Geoff Petrie, and not Pete Maravich, the rookie talk of the league. Almost setting a league record for expansion wins. Hooked.

We felt it when Bill Walton cut his hair in a “new beginning” and the ABA disbanded, landing big Mo in town. Then you saw Ramsay’s team play and fell head over heals. Blazermania and a championship. A beautiful parade on a beautiful day when a city allowed itself so much joy. Short lived, but glorious.

When Buck Williams came to town it felt like the final piece to an excellent brew. It was, Red Hot and Rolling – three conference finals and two NBA finals. No shame in not clearing the hurdles that were the Bad Boys, Showtime, and Jordan’s Bulls. History has shown those were all elite teams.

When Trader Bob spent Paul’s money and put together an all-star laden team we held our breaths. Didn’t quite seem the Portland way to do things (and indeed the seeds were planted for the JailBlazers) but they played as a team and had CRAZY balance and depth. 12-Men Deep should have gone all the way. Hearts broke after melting down to the fracking Lakers. Towels flew and dark days set in…..

Then came Nate, Brandon, and LaMarcus. They brought Rip City back. It felt so good after the long dark. While storming the floor over the Oden pick we KNEW we had a championship concoction. More injury heartache, again, and again. And then again…….

Now this bunch. Can it be true? This much talent? This much character? This much chemistry? We believe and we are ready to uncork on the NBA and the world. This is our kind of team, and they deliver. Rip City is brimming.

We know most sports fans get disappointed. There can be only one champion. When we are champions again streets will be dancing up and down Willamette valley. Not a prediction – but a statement of hope and optimism that this crew skippered by the creative and likeable Stotts has the right stuff . A little luck on the injury side (knock on every Doug Fir in the state), and we will be right in the thick of the championship fight.

I feel like a winner already being a fan of this group, so glad they take representing Portland and their team so much to heart. Let’s get this adventure tipped off, and enjoy the ride.

- Tom Hale