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Focus and Intensity Recognized in 2014 Blazers

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

As I watched the Blazers last win over the Celtics, there was a sweet moment about 6:05 into the 3rd.

Robin Lopez was guarding a player out a ways from the basket; Hard, Intense, feet moving something fierce.

After the brief but effective defensive focus from Lopez, a grinning Thomas Robinson lunged off the bench, beating his hands in appreciation.

We know that ethic here in Rip City. Maurice Lucas and his associate Lloyd Neal left a lasting impression. So have Jerome Kersey and Buck Williams. The inspirational Brian Grant.

Our great teams have had warrior heart – that is what I thought about when watching RoLo and T-Rob do their Wild bunch call and response thing.

Rip City buzz …….

-Tom Hale